Why Optimizing Code During Development Process Must Not Be An Afterthought

Most web designers and developers have super-fast internet connections with 1Gbps download speed and unlimited data. They tend to forget that there parts of the world that that have slow connections and data caps. Those with data caps usually run an ad blocker or stop videos from auto loading. Sometimes, JavaScript is disabled on heavy sites.

Web developers must be aware that optimization of code is very important at every state of the development process. People must not be restricted from buying products and services, reading customer reviews and other content by slow connections and data caps. In web design, adding a slider or swiping mechanism on mobile will make a user wait endlessly for the feature to load.

It is common saying among web developers that early optimizing prematurely may require redoing down the line. Precious time will be spent on optimizing for scenarios that do not actually exist for product users. Optimizing will also require writing code which is more difficult to understand with unclear performance gains.

It is not premature optimization to use smaller scripts unless the core script was already loaded on the front end. Another option is to use JQuery dependent script that is included in core WordPress for a total of 105 kb. Anyway, most the WordPress sites are loading jQuery.

Web developers must not confuse premature optimization with the idea of making smart decisions early in the design process. They should not wait until the final stage of development before optimizing because the focus is already on getting the product to the end user.

Optimization must not be simply an afterthought because overreliance on this idea is pushing the trend of measuring page weight in megabytes instead of kilobytes. Optimizing through file compression and caching in production does not justify the failure to optimize during the development stage.

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