Why It Is Critical For A Business To Have Management And Marketing Tools

There are many reasons why a company needs time attendance software. There are usually abuses committed by employees like punching the timecard of a friend before the introduction of biometrics. Even managers are sometimes guilty of padding or creating ghost employee time records. When employee attendance is automated, more accurate information is generated for payroll computations.

While the time attendance software is a good employee management tool, the company also needs marketing tools to generate awareness for its brand. The best marketing tool that a business can use is a website because it easily generates global exposure for the product or service. However, a website needs to be optimized for mobile to ensure that the business does not miss the opportunity to interact with mobile users. In order for the website to be easily accessible through mobile gadgets, web design must be responsive.

Responsive web design refers to a setup wherein the server sends the same HTML codes to all devices used to access the site. CSS is used when there is a need to alter the rendering of the page on the device. JavaScript is also used to alter rendering and the behaviour of the site on different devices. In building the mobile friendly web design, JavaScript is considered when deciding which ad or image resolution variant will show on the page.

There are three implementations of JavaScript for mobile optimized sites.(1) Java-script adaptive wherein all devices are served the same HTML. (2) CSS and JavaScript content, combined detection wherein web design uses both JavaScript and server-side detection of the device capabilities so that different content can be served to a wide range of devices. (3) Dynamically-served JavaScript wherein all the devices are served with the same HTML with JavaScript being served from a URL that serves different JavaScript codes.

Responsive web design is often too complex but it is very critical for business exposure and growth. The development of time attendance software is a lot more complex because the system has to be designed, tested, maintained and evaluated. Most of the time, the development of the software has to meet the deadlines imposed by the client.