Website Builder Tools For Setting Up An Online Store

The number of free website builder scripts on the web is simply overwhelming because of the varying features and options. Web development can be taken to the next level by adding dynamic in-browse web editing so that immediate changes and on-demand edits can be made. At the most basic level, a well-developed website builder has the competent solutions to satisfy a few critical requirements.

In the past, developing a website means you literally have to start from scratch using a desktop web editor either through a WYSIWYG platform like Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage or by using the text editor Notepad or TextEdit. When there is a need for accompanying images, the web developer can render it a JPG or GIF files to be copied directly into appropriate website folders. Once web pages are completed, the website is uploaded to a web hosting account in its entirely using FTP client. Any subsequent edits that may be required has to be carried out in the same process through the desktop computer and uploaded on the server.

Recently, text editors have become rather sophisticated to allow near real time editing of web pages to occur while manipulating the pages on a desktop computer. Changes are not really taking place in real time because text editors are uploading and downloading the files in question as background process. The process is not visible to the user and they are spared of the extra step of manual download and uploading of files with an FTP editor.

Website builder tools allow websites to be built with or without manual coding unlike the earlier software packages installed on desktop computers. Website hosting providers are also keen on adopting website builder scripts that are usually open source and easy to install as a standard application accessible through cPanel or an alternative hosting management interface.

Most website builder scripts for Setting Up Your Online Store are more user friendly than their desktop counterparts and any edits are reflected immediately on the site once the web page is saved. There are many website builders today that can be accessed through cPanel administration area or through web hosting companies.