Web Design Tips For Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an important part of many businesses operating in the modern corporate space. With online presence doing so much to account for the health of companies, digital marketing, including online reviews like many a King Kong marketing agency review, are important, and is closely watched as a result.

When it comes to online presence and digital marketing, one of the most important things to do is to ensure that your website represents your brand properly. The website is the brand’s ‘face’ on the internet; it’s what people first see when they’re looking to do business. Any self-respecting business, naturally, would want their site to be as promising as possible.

The website, as it relates to the brand

Your website, as mentioned before, is the face of your brand. It’s a reflection of your brand’s strategy, and is more than just about slapping your logo. The brand is the combination of content, technology, and design, with the idea of putting all those things on the same page so that your brand’s goals and ideas for the website come into fruition.

As for general ideas, there needs to be a good balance between having content and being busy. Sites, as with most things on the internet, are all about convenience, as a reflection of what businesses should offer to customers, and thus prioritize ease of use and avoid being cluttered. If people look for a King Kong marketing agency review, then they should get it in just a few clicks, without having to need a guide or something.

Putting the pieces together

  • The content of every page has text, mixed with images, video, audio, and animation, with the latter four adding visual flavour for the first. Generally, you’ll want an image or a visual aid for every 100 words or so.
  • Images should be about the company itself, about your people, products, and/or services. Avoid using stock images if possible.
  • Simplicity is king; you don’t need big, bold colours or images to say what you need to.
  • On the flip side, don’t make things too simple. Too much of a good thing is bad, after all. Remember things like colour contrast; avoid using grey text on white backgrounds, that sort of thing. Font formatting is important too. If you want a colour scheme to work with, try using your company logo as a reference.
  • Content is there to advertise your business, yes, but it should have value for your customers. If you’re a plumbing business, for example, then give potential customers plumbing advice.
  • Content should be regularly updated. Regular updates help the site look fresh, garner followings, and attract search engines.