Tips In Gathering Email Leads Without Annoying Your Customers

The most important asset of an e-commerce site is their email list. Many have succeeded because of how strong their email list. A good example is Michael Hyatt who is the author of “Intentional Leadership” with an email list comprised of more than 115,000 contacts. Hyatt and other experts in the industry are proof that list building is one of the best ways to make you more visible online.

The problem is that building your list can be annoying to your visitors and customers. It depends greatly on the technique used when requesting email which is what drives the user’s mood. There are times wherein a wrong method can eventually prompt a user to leave a page without going back.

One of the most widely used method in building the email list is the pop-up but in an experiment conducted by Matthew Woodward, the method affected the behavior of the site visitors. The popup came out at seven seconds after the user has opened the page and it eventually led to a reduction in page visit by 9.29 per cent and average visit duration also decreased by 10.20 per cent.

There are other ways in building your email list by using polite methods such as placing the pop-up after the contents of the page. It will give the user time to read the content before deciding whether they want to sign up with their email or not. This is a good way to convert users and many who are not willing to give out their email might be swayed after reading a good content.

The popup can also be placed in a way that it appears only when the user shows intention of leaving the site. This was done by a site called WPBeginner and their average sign ups went from an average of 70 to 80 to 445 to 470 each day.

Another effective method that can be employed by a bathroom furniture online shop is to place a request to slide in view once the user has scrolled down the page. It is best to time to introduce a subscribe box after the user has scrolled down 80 per cent of the page.