Tips For Better UI Design Development

Getting a job in the field of UI design is more than just being able to provide a strong visual portfolio. Notice how UI and UX are commonly interchanged? Well, that’s because the two are closely intertwined which, in turn, means that UI designers have to work closely, and effectively, with devs, as they are the ones who help make designers’ ideas real.

So, getting into UI design demands a fair amount of technical skill. Here are some pointers.

Consistency rules

Having consistent rules and steps set for your design projects helps a lot with design work. These rules will help in making sure that the designer and developer can work well together, which is paramount to the success of the development process.

Make a hierarchy

Making a hierarchy for text styles keeps all the fontwork on a project consistent, easy to keep track of, and easy to edit. Remember, when making a hierarchy, to organize the text styles from biggest to smallest, something like:

  • Heading 1: The biggest text, reserved for things like main headings.
  • Heading 2: A step down, these smaller headings work for categories.
  • Heading 3: The smallest and least important headings, but still bigger than body text.
  • Main text 1: Body text; general content and the like.
  • Main text 2: Small text, for legal content, terms and conditions, and the like.
  • Links: Made distinct for ease of identification.

Don’t overdo it.

Just like how fashion recommends sticking to minimal colors, around 2 or 3, UI designers shouldn’t go overboard with the types of fonts. Two fonts can do a lot for design; one for headings, the other for basic text. When it comes to fonts, minimalism and consistency (yes, it’s that word again) that works best, as it makes it easy to digest for viewers, while being easy to develop for the developers.

Accessibility matters

Naturally, when designing something for the internet, one has to consider the fact that a lot of people will access the product being designed. With that in mind, it’s important to create a system that’s easily accessible, with easy to identify icons, text, and the like. This is usually achieved with color contrast, and is particularly important for people with color blindness.