Styles In Web Design That Should Not Be Used Anymore

The web has changed a lot over the years and so are the people using it. This goes without saying that a website should be always up-to-date with the latest trend especially for this year 2017. The one thing that should be done is to avoid using web design styles that are no longer in trend and adapt with the new ones.

For one, parallax scrolling should be avoided. Parallax is a technique used in order for the background and foreground to have different speed when scrolled through by the user. This gives the website a sense of depth. One of the main disadvantages when using parallax scrolling is that the loading time of the load pages are longer compared to those sites that are non-parallax. This eventually leads to a much serious issue – SEO is never good for websites that are slow loading and users are more likely to leave the site because of this feature. According to research, every one second delay in the loading of a page would mean a reduction of seven per cent on the conversion rate while 79 per cent of consumers who are not satisfied with the performance of an e-commerce site will not be purchasing from the company again.

Next on the line is the hamburger menu. We have been so accustomed to seeing websites with the hidden menu option. It is so common that majority of internet users know what they are for and how they can be utilized. Just because it is commonly used does not mean that it has to be incorporated in every website. The purpose of the hamburger menu is to make the website simpler and to make it look less chaotic because there are no clutters. This is ideal for mobile devices but it is not doing well with desktop uses since some are not using the icon. Hamburger menus are another additional step to the user’s desire to navigate which can turn them off.

Lastly, a web design agency should know not to use carousels anymore. It is already 2017 and slide shows are no longer considered as in. They are originally use to save space but eventually its side effects are getting more obvious such as slowing the page and wrong timing for each type of user.