Situations Where You Need A Lawyer

Legal matters cover a wide range of topics, with varying degrees of importance and severity. In other words, a traffic ticket and armed robbery are both legal matters, but they’re of such different situations that only one of the two actually requires a lawyer.

Not all legal matters require you to go look up a legal expert on a site like or the like. Knowing when a lawyer is needed is important: that’s why you should always make use of any free consultations you might get.

In general though, there are certain cases where a lawyer is a must. Here are a few of them.

 A complicated divorce

Divorces can be amiable, as a couple comes to terms with the fact that separating is ultimately best for them, and their kids.

When it’s not amicable, however, things can get real messy. Between agreeing between properties, savings, debt, child custody, and other things, there’s a lot of details in a divorce, so making sure you have proper legal expertise and representation is a must.

Remember, the terms of a finalized divorce are legally binding, and can only be altered by appealing to the proper court.


If you’re being sued and losing might lose you a bit of money or your properties, then a lawyer is a must. Pretty much everyone comes to a lawsuit with a lawyer, so it’s only logical to have one.

Sure, most of them are settled outside of the courtroom, but a lawyer is an experienced negotiator, and that’s invaluable for a lawsuit.


Surprise, DUIs are serious now. Jail time, revoked licenses, fines, or all of the aforementioned are possible consequences. A good lawyer can talk to the prosecutor and get charges reduced, which is more likely with first-time offenders.

If you’re hit with a DUI, go to a site like and get yourself a lawyer. Otherwise, you’ll get hit with the maximum penalty.

Criminal charges

Naturally, having a lawyer is a good idea when dealing with criminal charges. They’re intimidating, and you might not really be aware of all of your rights as the accused.

Get a lawyer immediately so that your rights are protected and you’re defended properly.