Simplify Your Website’s Design With These Simple Tips

Do you want to get a ribbon for a well-designed website? Well, to achieve that, you must have a sufficient level of skill and knowledge coupled with the right understanding for the current trends of the world of web design and how they are monitored by the people.

When it comes to trends, it is no secret that simplicity is now probably one of the most popular trends. Nowadays, you cannot win over visitors with over extravagant web design. People now like websites that are clean, simple and are well-organized. They now value usability more than the appearance.

If you want to simplify your website and become part of the long-running trend, then you can follow these tips to help you out.

1. Give focus on the essential elements. If you want to simplify your website, then you must be able to identify the elements that your website needs so that you do not overuse elements and have them scattered all over the site. This could be quite difficult because every element would seem essential but if you would consider the purpose and goal of your website, you might be able to achieve this.

2. Follow the 80-20 rule. The 80-20 rule will help you achieve a more organized and less crowded website. Basically, in a website, about 20% of what’s in it could hold about 80% of the content value that people are looking for in your website. Your goal is to find this 20%. This could either be a call to action or a sign up form and can sometimes be testimonials or other social proofs.

3. Minimize the number of pages. With a few pages, you will be able to provide easy navigation for your website.

4. Put more content above the website’s fold. This would be the first thing that people would see and it would be much better if you put all the things that will define you and your purpose in this part of the website.

5. Limit the colors you will use. Do not make your website an explosion of colors. People would not appreciate that. Instead, stick to a basic and more neutral color then use just one or two more colors that go well with it.