Responsive Design Issues With Banners

Over the past years, the use of mobile devices has grown rapidly. Most people own a smart phone which they use to access information from the web. It makes sense for a dental clinic that offers dental implants to have a responsive web design that adapts to the screen being used regardless of the type of device.

When banner ads are used effectively, they can increase traffic, sales and profits for the business. However, web designers usually come across responsive issues with banner images particularly those using the HubSpot platform.

Businesses that are updating their websites ask about the proper aspect ratio for banner images on thier website. This depends on whether the banner has text covering it, the size of text on the pages and if there are lifestyle images on the background. For many websites or landing pages, a banner with text overlay is the most appropriate choice particularly if it uses actual text that Google can search and index.

If text is not part of a banner image, it will not have SEO value. The web designer is very likely to experience responsive design issues with text being cut off at various widths. It is common for banner images to use CSS declaration called cover to adjust the background image to fit the banner as best as possible. This will allow room for variation and inconsistencies on how images render at different heights.

On some page designs, you will see that the banner is created into a brochure-style image with an image but without text. However, if you require a banner image with text in the background, the banner must be created in such a way that calculates the height and width of the banner based on the aspect ratio of the banner image. This is usually done using JavaScript or jQuery.

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