Remarkable Customer Experience Through Responsive Web Design

More than half of search queries are done through mobile gadgets. An individual who is looking for custom canvas prints frequently find it more convenient to use the mobile phone to search for the product instead of the traditional desk top. This is the reason why businesses today prefer the responsive web design because it makes their websites usable on the mobile devices.

When a website is unusable for mobile because the platform was not considered during the design and development phase, it can be rather difficult to navigate the website. To view website content, the user has to zoom in, pan and zoom out to find what he is looking for. For example, it will be difficult to view the images of custom canvas prints in its entirety because of the smaller screens of the mobile gadgets. The user will not have the same shopping experience when he accesses the website through a laptop or desktop computer.

If it is frustrating for the user, the more it is for a web developer because the website must have been built in a fashion they can easily scale down to fit any viewpoint size. Sites that use media queries usually strip down information to hide certain aspects of the site that it deems as unimportant. A user with a smaller device can still access the website but with stripped down content.

Some businesses may think that it is all right to cut down some features and eliminate content that is not very important to users but how sure are they that the eliminated content is not important?

In order to have a responsive website, a single codebase is used meaning there is no need to adjust content for every device used. The key element to make web design flexible is a fluid layout field. This can be done by creating a wrapper, content and column width that will adapt to different device widths. When it comes to CSS, setting a max-width can stop site scaling across big screens. When switching from fixed widths to fluid widths the main issue is images but this can be fixed in your CSS by setting the image width to 100%.