Recommended Scripts For Images

E-commerce websites such as has a lot of products to display therefore these are presented as thumbnails to reduce the file size and help improve the loading speed. Thumbnails and images in a website can be displayed in various ways through the use of a script. This article will list recommended different scripts depending on the usage and the preference of the website owner.

Ajax Compatible Scripts

  • Zenphoto is a simple online gallery that displays images. There are no unnecessary features added but comes with complete functionality for displaying photos.
  • Pyxy-gallery is a very lightweight image gallery which can be used with JavaScript and PHP.
  • Multifaceted Lightbox is a JavaScript intended to highlight a specific part of the screen. It creates a very similar feature to the modal dialog box.
  • Couloir is a photo slideshowthat is similar to Flash but can only be used alongside CSS, Javascript and HTML.
  • Slimbox is the most lightweight similar to Lightbox because it is only 7kb. It was created with mootools framework.
  • TripTracker is an image viewer in a slideshow format but with animations.

CSS-Based Scripts

  • Cross Browser Multi-page’s function is similar to a Suckerfish HoverLightbox but it uses images rather than texts.
  • A Photograph Gallery is simply a hover feature that can be applied on thumbnail images in order for the user to see the full size of the image.
  • CSS: Photo Showcase. Thumbnails can be shown in fast zoom regardless of the users’ internet speed.
  • A simple CSS photo album shows text numbers that when clicked will show the corresponding image assigned.
  • CSS Image Gallery is fully CSS based with the capacity to display the bigger version of showcased thumbnail photos as soon as the mouse is pointed to an image.
  • Hoverbox Image Gallery is an 8kb photo gallery that uses CSS alone.
  • Sliding Photograph Gallery shows images that are not ordered but compressed in a vertical manner.
  • Photo scroll gallery shows a thumbnail but it can turn medium sized upon hovering and full sized images can be viewed when clicked.

These are only a few of the scripts used by ecommerce sites such as in order to display more products in one page.