Popular Tools In Designing Responsive Websites

In 2015, Google’s search engine algorithm update named Mobilegeddon gave priority to websites that performed well on mobile devices. Large corporate giants and small businesses including orthodontic clinics started to optimize their websites for mobile to gain a rank boost. Users that are searching for information are assured that they will find the same information on their mobile devices and desktops.

However, it does not mean that web design for desktop sis going away. The push for mobile-first web development is to ensure that websites are accessible through mobile as well as desktops. For businesses, desktop will always be the focus because they can’t run reports or perform data synthesis on a mobile phone.

The solution is responsive web design that works for both mobile and desktop. Mobile users can enjoy a faster and simpler version of a website while desktop users can enjoy a more intricate experience. However, desktop web designs will only remain relevant until desktops are entirely phased out by new technology.

Major companies are focusing their efforts on native mobile apps and website enhancements because they have realized the importance of different mediums. There are many tools that web developers can use for responsive web designs like Bootstrap, CanIUse.com and Test My Site.

Bootstrap is an open-source CSS framework that can be used for responsive, mobile-first development. It has CSS and JavaScript design templates that can used for creating interface components like forms, buttons, navigation and typography.

CanIUse.com is a resource available to developers who want to expand their knowledge on web development. It includes insights on technologies, terms, and scripts that can be used for mobile app development.

Test My Site from Google determines page speed and functionality of a mobile web site as compared to other brands. The tool is very important in this age where mobile is going faster that you can imagine.

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