Web Development – A Great Investment

Convenience of Web Scripts Isn’t it great how functional and user-friendly websites are these days? People don’t have to worry because the only thing they have to do is click on something to get information they want anytime, anywhere. However, during the emergence of the Internet, web pages were not as functional as they are … [Read more…]

Website Design Tips For Interior Decorators

When you’re looking for someone to hire for handling interior design, or any sort of design, like www.ambertiles.com.au, you’re looking for someone with a site that’s well-designed and functional. After all, if a company or a professional can’t be trusted to design their own site, how could you trust them to work on your home’s … [Read more…]

Why The Web Page Takes Eternity To Load

If the computer is slow due its age, Tecrep24 computer repair services can make a quick fix on-site. If the website is slow, the culprit is third party advertisement and analytics scripts. Many users have already accepted this conclusion but the truth is 100 most common bits of JavaScript eat up about 59% of the … [Read more…]

Popular Tricks In Adding Background Color To A Website

A website is very important for small businesses because it is one of the ways to gain brand awareness, professionalism and credibility. Consumers today are different; when they come across a business, they always look for a website. For example, a consumer searching for map artwork can easily make a confident decision when the map … [Read more…]

Content Blocking Extension From Google

Working 8 hours a day can be comfortable and convenient with office furniture in New Zealand that was designed specifically to enhance productivity. You can sit back and relax while browsing the web. However, do you know that a lot happens behind the scenes when you browse the internet? Do you know that a page … [Read more…]

Recommended Scripts For Images

E-commerce websites such as www.wheelsmotorcycles.co.uk has a lot of products to display therefore these are presented as thumbnails to reduce the file size and help improve the loading speed. Thumbnails and images in a website can be displayed in various ways through the use of a script. This article will list recommended different scripts depending … [Read more…]

Why HTML Is Recommended For Website Building

In an era where technology is ever evolving, HTML might sound old school. It used to be the hotshot for websites of companies offering specialist transport services and other big businesses but it was slowly overshadowed by the introduction of Content Management Systems or CMS and a web presence that relies greatly on technology. Many … [Read more…]