Most Common Scripting Languages Used In Websites

Technology plays a huge role in today’s businesses including companies selling solar on the Gold Coast as they must meet the customers’ demand for a website that is effective not just aesthetically but also in terms of functionality. Websites are created through web development and this is where web programming comes in. To program, various programming languages are used.

According to survey, the most popular programming languages include JavaScript, Java, Python, CSS, PHP, Ruby, C++, C, Shell, C#, Objective C, R, VmL, Go and Perl.

On top of the list is JavaScript because it is dynamic. It is used to control the browser, edit a document’s content, initiate asynchronous communication and makes it possible for the side scripts of the client to be relayed to the users. Netscape is the developer of JavaScript and majority of its syntax came from the C language. It is mostly employed when developing desktop applications and games.

Java, on the other hand, was developed by Sun Microsystems during the 90s. It is used in web development because the language is concurrent, it is based on class and its orientation is focused on the object. It became a top choice for many enterprises along with developers of mobile and desktop games. It is versatile because it works in different platforms. For example, when a programmer uses Mac operating system to write the code, the same code can be initiated on a computer with Windows as the operating system.

Python is a dynamic programming language because a compiler is not needed to write the code and run it afterwards. Code readability is possible with the Python language thus only a few lines is required to create the concept. Despite it being considered as an advanced language, it is thought to be the best for beginners because it can easily be mastered.

CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets which is considered to be a mark-up language because it can be coupled with other languages such as HTML. It has a big impact on websites therefore designers creating one for companies selling solar on the Gold Coast prefer to use this language.