Minimizing The Risks Of An XSS Attack

Security is very important for e-commerce sites. For example, websites offering cheap CD keys are very popular but a breach of customer payment data or information can easily kill the business. One of the most common security risks is cross-site scripting. Sites that are using forms, search or an administrative back end are particularly vulnerable.

There are many different types of cross-site scripting or XSS. A security breach can occur when an attacker adds code to a web page. The code will run in the browser of a user who is unaware of the threat. A web page becomes highly vulnerable to an XSS attack when user input is not removed correctly. For example, the comment form will allow someone to add HTML. The attacker uses the opportunity to post a comment that will include an attack code.

Attackers usually add a JavaScript source link using script tag. The browser will download and run JavaScript and the attacker can steal the user’s data. A common target is authentication data that includes user name, password or token. Once the data is stolen, the attacker can log in as the user and gain full access to the account.

Preventing security threats from XSS attacks is not easy because all forms of user inputs can be a security risk. The increase in user-generated content resulted into the prevalence of XSS attacks. One of the best ways to prevent XSS attacks is to clean up all the data that was entered by a user. This process is called input sanitizing where any HTML or JavaScript from a user are rendered harmless or removed.

Many code libraries and ecommerce platforms actually perform this task by default. However, input sanitizing will limit what a user can enter. A user can be restricted from bolding certain words on the blog comment or link it to another page.

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