Making It Easy For Search Engine Crawlers To Understand The Website

For e-commerce sites, it is critical for Google to be able to see the content and JavaScript in the robots.txt and analyze it properly. However, the crucial question regarding the interface of SEO and JavaScript is whether search engine spiders can understand website content properly and evaluate it realistically for user experience.

HTML that works with PHP, CSS and other scripting languages can be read directly by a search engine crawler. On the other hand, JavaScript-based website cannot be accessed directly because the Google spiders need to analyze DOM first before they render the website. By the second quarter of 2018, web developers must note that Google will no longer need AJAX to render JavaScript-based websites.

Every modern SEO professional must understand DOM (Document Object Manual) because it the tool that Google uses to explore and analyze web pages. Google receives an HTML document and then identifies it as JavaScript elements. The browser will then initiate DOM to enable Google to render the web page.

Robots.txt provides Google search engine with appropriate crawling opportunities. If they are blocked from seeing JavaScript, the web page will appear differently to web crawlers than it does to users. To put it simply, search engines will not gain the full experience and Google may interpret the action as cloaking.

One of the best approaches that can be used is to provide web spiders with all the resources that they might need to be able to see web pages in the same manner as users. For example, internal linking is a crucial SEO tool that can be used to show search engines the website architecture. It should not be replaced with JavaScript on-click events.

It is very likely that the end URL’s will be found and crawled with on-click events but remember that web crawlers will not associate them with global navigation on the site. It is better to use regular anchor tags within HTML or DOM.

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