Issue Of Cross Browser Compatibility In Responsive Web Design

Having a website is a must in today’s digital world where almost everyone is dependent on the internet. However, times change and now more and more people are using mobile devices instead of the traditional desktops. For a business like hotel in Ploenchit, it is very important to have mobile presence because travellers usually use their mobile phones to search for appropriate accommodations.

In the creation of responsive web design, one of the most important factors that have to be considered is cross browser compatibility. What does compatibility in website design stand for? The website designer must make sure that design will work properly with an appearance that is error-free and functional on any platform where the website will be viewed.

In website design, nothing must be left to chance. Most of the new CSS capabilities that were introduced in the CSS3 version are not supported by major browsers. In fact, they are mostly ignored because they are recognized completely. This could pose a big problem for the web designer who relies mostly on unsupported CSS.

Image management is probably the weakest point of responsive web design particularly for cross browser compatibility issues. Devices have different screen sizes so that photos and media need to be flexible to adapt to the smaller screen size. It is also important for photos and media not to slow down page loading during the process.

Using the largest version of a single image for all devices is not a good solution because there are still people who use the 2G Smartphone. It would take them forever to load image. It is also very likely that only one fourth of the high-resolution image will be displayed on the mobile device. However, there are JavaScript solutions like Respond.js, Modernizr and adaptive.960.js that will help serve responsive web design to older browsers that do not have strong CSS3 support.

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