Introduction To Web Design

If you think that you are considered a good web designer just by knowing all the HTML tags there is then you are quite mistaken. Any person who has a basic knowledge of HTML can do all those things and the result will still be not up to par of an amateur web designer. There are a lot of things one should know and loads of tips and tricks. This article will just give the web designer a general idea of how to create excellent outputs.

  • Make sure that your source is thoroughly checked. One of the best ways a person could learn more about HTML is to inspect the source code that is being used by other websites. This way, one will be able to learn other tricks and methods. You can easily do this by visiting a certain page and right clicking on it. From the menu, choose View Source and the code will pop up right away. In order to read the code properly, use Notepad. If there are specific sections in the web page that caught your attention, check the code that was used to create it. While you may learn a lot, learning from a code that is badly written is not advisable so be sure to avoid copying those nasty habits.
  • Learn to make hand code. If you are one of those people who was enticed by the easy peasy solution offered with the use of DreamWeaver or Frontpage then you are in for a big trouble. It might come in handy but it will never teach you how to properly code and design. In order to be a good web designer, you should be able to learn how to hand code using various text editors available such as Notepad++ and TopStyle. Creating your own code will ensure that you know everything and would have an easy time fixing even the smallest errors.
  • If you haven’t learned CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) yet, it is high time to do so. This is one of the latest and most essential development in the field of web design and development. With this, you can do a lot more things with your web site’s design.

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