How Websites Responded To The Astonishing Growth Of Mobile

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The use of mobile devices to access the net has grown at an astronomical pace. Websites had to adapt a different approach on how content can be laid out on the smaller screens. Websites had to respond to the needs and capabilities of different devices used to view content.

The solution is responsive web design where layout changes according to the size and capability of the mobile device. A phone user can view content shown in a single column while a tablet user will see the same content in two columns. Since screen sizes and features of mobile devices are constantly changing, modern responsive design must consider all these factors to optimize the experience of users.

Screen dimensions and width in CSS pixels differ between devices. This means that content must not rely on a particular viewport width to render well. Web design in the past required setting of elements used in order to create layout in percentages. When the viewport becomes smaller than the total width of columns, a user has to scroll horizontally to be able to view content. Modern CSS layout techniques like Flexbox, Grid Layout and Multicol allowed the easy creation of flexible grids

Images have fixed dimensions. If the image is larger than the viewport, it will cause a scrollbar. In order to solve the problem, images have to be given a max-width of 100%. This will result in the image shrinking to fit the space it has.  Because of the max-width, the image will not be able to stretch larger than its natural size.

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