How To Make A Business Website More Effective

If you have a business, you need to have an online presence. Consumers who are planning to visit a physical store even go online to check about the brand first before they commit to buying. If you have a tile business, consumers are more likely to visit your store to see the tiles first-hand but there are also those that would want to see the products you have such as blue kitchen tiles before actually taking the time to visit your showroom. According to research, 97 per cent of the time consumers use the internet to look for local businesses while 94 per cent of B2B buyers turn to the internet for more research.

In a study conducted in 2016, over 62 per cent of consumers are online shopping using only their mobile devices. This shows the important of having a mobile responsive website in order to get the attention of the visitors. If the consumer finds the site to be up not to their standard, they are more likely to leave and find other brands instead.

The domain name of your business website should not be hard to find. It should be related to what you are selling or to what the company does. If the domain name does not have a relation with the company’s purpose, it is unlikely for consumers to remember easily.

There are businesses that offer services instead of products therefore direct contact through phone or email is important. The interested clients should be able to see all the contact information as soon as they land on the homepage. According to an expert web designer, it is recommended that the contact information should be placed at the top part of the home page.

Navigation should be easy for the readers. It should not be presented like a game of maze where they have to find where they need to go next. Experts advise that for customers to easily search for products like blue kitchen tiles, there should be a search bar at the top of the homepage. This eliminates the need to browse through dozens, if not dozens, of products.