How To Improve The Loading Time Of Your Website

Internet users nowadays are very impatient. They will leave a website with poor load speed or inadequate performance. Since it is important for a business like junk removal Orange County to generate conversions, they have to optimize the website for the best possible performance.

A study made by Akamai revealed that a half of web users expect a site to load within 2 seconds or less otherwise, they will abandon the site. A more alarming statistic is that 64% of users will take their business elsewhere if they are disappointed with loading time and online store experience. This means that a business runs the risk of losing traffic from customers who were referred by others to the site.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests are counted when a browser fetches a file, page or picture from the web server. Yahoo says that these requests take about 80% of the loading time of a web page. Since the browser limits requests between 4 to 8 simultaneous connections per domain, loading of 30+ assets at once is not an option. In simple words, the more HTTP requests are loaded the longer it will take the page to go and retrieve them all. This will increase the web page’s loading time.

Page designs can be limited by keeping them simple. There are also techniques that can decrease HTTP requests to relieve the browser like combining CSS/JS files. Instead of forcing the browser to retrieve multiple CSS or JavaScript files to load, CSS files can be combined into one large file. However, this can be pretty challenging if the stylesheets and scripts vary from page to page. By merging them, it will ultimately help load times.

If there is a need to load certain images on the desktop or run a specific script on mobile only, conditional statements can be used to load them and increase speed. This way the browser will not be forced to load a variety of scripts and images that are not useful.

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