How To Apply For Tax ID Number In Ohio

It is simple and convenient to start a small business in Ohio. The state has a conducive investment environment and is business friendly. The Ohio Business Gateway is a great online solution to know all the information to start a new business. The website contains links to important sites and forms that are required to get the business started.

To start business in Ohio, you have to obtain the Ohio tax ID number. Ohio State uses the EIN as the tax id number and it is required for a lot of purposes like hiring employees, opening bank accounts, procuring line of credit from financial institutions, obtaining the required licenses and permits to carry on the business and so on.

The process of applying for Ohio tax ID number is simple and convenient. You will require personal information like the name of the promoter or the responsible party and their social security numbers for filling the application. You will also need to furnish business information like, the registered name of the company, physical address of the company, mailing address if it is different than the physical address, business organizational structure, field of business and the reasons for applying for EIN. If you do not have employees and are applying EIN for identification purposes, state on top the application that it is for identification purpose only. This will help you avoid issues at a later stage.

There are four different methods to apply for the Ohio tax ID number.

  • Online – This is most preferred and convenient format to apply for EIN. Visit the website of IRS and go to the business section. Click on the EIN link and complete the application providing the correct information wherever necessary. However, the application should be completed in a single sitting. The EIN number is provided as soon as the application process is complete.
  • Fax – Receiving EIN through fax requires four days. The process is simple. You need to download the SS-4 form and complete it correctly. The next step is to send it as a fax to the fax number of the IRS.
  • Mail – You can also request for EIN through mail. Complete the SS-4 form and mail it to the address of the IRS in Ohio. You will receive the EIN after four weeks.
  • Telephone – You can also apply for the Ohio tax ID number over telephone. However, this method is only applicable for international applicants.