How Third Party Scripts Slow Down A Site

Online job sites are very popular nowadays because they save time for job seekers. The search can easily be tailored according to location, company, date posted, title and many more. There are also reviews like King Kong agency reviews that provide job seekers with valuable information about the potential employer.

One of the most in demand jobs in recruitment sites is the web developer. They use different programs like HTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP to create the layout and visual elements of a site. Too often, web developers work with super fast internet connections that they tend to forget that there are still parts of the world with slow connections and data caps.

According to surveys, at least 40% of users apply ad-blocking on their browsers in order to eliminate hefty performance penalty of 3rd party scripts. Other users simply abandon the site.

Third party scripts can slow down a site. According to the HTTP archive, a median site ships with 400KB of JavaScript and expands to more than 1MB after decompression.  In 2018, median websites only loaded 20 external scripts.

Even if scripts do not block rendering, they usually add to the time to interactive metric and results to frustrated users because the website does not respond as quickly as they want to. The weight of scripts can easily add up. It is rare for a single script to affect performance but the sum of all the JavaScript can turn the site into a user’s worst nightmare.

Studies prove that slow websites can hurt conversions with a measurable effect on revenues. BBC discovered that an additional 10% of their users are lost for every additional second that their site takes to load. Google also revealed that 53% of site visits are abandoned when the page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Increased conversions can be expected when average load time is reduced by 850 milliseconds.

The goal of King Kong agency reviews is to attract quality tech talents to join their team. There are job applicants who do not prioritize salary and benefits. They prefer work-life balance, work culture and career growth. Reviews provide job seekers with information on these important factors.