How SEO Evolved

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SEO has developed tremendously after years of being in the front line in internet marketing industry. Two decades ago, search engine optimization was simple. You simply think of the keywords that you want to rank on, type them in your title and load them on immediately on the page. These were just the steps and you are finished. If you were a spammer, you would not really care about the keywords that you loaded on your webpage.

And then rules become stricter and search engines took this spamming away. Search engines developed different means and used incoming links to your website in order to measure the importance of the website. This is the major deciding factor on how your page would rank. These developments were driven with the emergence of Google’s dependence on Page Rank Algorithm. When Page Rank was widely used, another form of spamming took place, focus on incoming links. A lot of people began buying links from different websites while others were swapping links in large quantities. The popularity of links was becoming the key to search engine rankings. The downside to this was that the search engines wanted the different links to represent a genuine endorsement found in your website. Because of this, links that were bought did not qualify. The search engines continued their pace on a stricter route, placing more restrictions on the links.

Through time, search engines become much intelligent and began to evaluate the relevance and substance of the attached links. Did you purchase a link that could not get detected by an algorithm? If so, then this is good for you. A link swap that is directed to an irrelevant website has no value and may even be harmful to your website. Worse, if you buy various links, you can even get banned by the search engines.