How Reviews Turn An Undecided Visitor To A Loyal Customer

According to surveys, people trust reviews in the same way they trust personal recommendations from family and friends. Consumers like to read reviews because they want to know the experiences of others to make them confident with their purchase decision. Reviews can be used as social proof that can create compelling experiences.

How to use customer reviews in advertising

  • Customer’s experiences with the company can be highlighted on the homepage and other high-traffic pages like product pricing, checkout, or post-click landing page. Reviews will influence customers to complete a purchase.
  • Search engines rank the website according to how well listing is optimized and what customers say about the brand. Fresh new content can be collected from reviews on a regular basis to help improve visibility on search engines.
  • Orange stars, ratings, and the number of reviews are very important to search users because they show useful feedback information. Customer feedback helps a business standout from every listing and builds trust even before the consumer visits the website.
  • When your audience engages with other customers, it can be a huge marketing win that will turn an undecided visitor into a loyal customer. Consumers usually go to social channels to monitor the overall experience of customers. Showcasing customer feedback on social channels will increase the brand’s visibility and boost engagement.

An example of reviews that promotes a digital marketing agency’s credibility is king kong agency review on online platforms. Reviews are third-party validation that promotes the service provided, customer experience, and what other consumers can expect when they try the service.