How Insurance Agencies’ Website Should Look Like

If you have an insurance agency, you might have received a lot of offers from various companies promising to build you the ideal website. You might be tempted to accept the offer if it involves only a few hundred bucks and the result can be viewed in a matter of days. Ask yourself if the website will really be beneficial to your business in terms of increasing insurance sales leads.

For insurance agencies, a website made out of pre-made templates and contents that looks like hundreds of other business in the web is not the easy fix. The success of an insurance business relies greatly on the uniqueness of the website and the features that it offers which other expensive looking brands cannot provide. Here is a simple guide on what the ideal website of an insurance agency should have.

  • The website should have a responsive design and is mobile-friendly. We are in an age where majority of online users are accessing the internet using only their smartphones or mobile gadgets. It is not surprising to know that some consumers that are looking for the best insurance agency might be searching online using only their mobile phones. If your company website is not yet optimized to be able to adapt to mobile devices then you might be losing a lot of business without knowing. A website that it not mobile-friendly loads longer and it could be a reason for visitor to leave you site as soon as they can.
  • Visitors should be able to navigate around the site with ease without complications.
  • Loading time is essential in a visitor’s decision to hang around the site or else they will leave and find other faster loading insurance agency website.
  • We live in a modern world thus your website should have modern qualities as well but it does not mean you have to fill it with clutter but rather offer a clean layout. A modern look with a clean appearance is the best way to describe a minimalist website. Once you have ensured the responsiveness of your site, the next thing you will have to work on is the aesthetics of your site. A visitor will be using their sense of sight in assessing your website thus if it does not appeal to them, they will more likely deal with the competitor. A modern layout should be able to match the preference of the general public thus increasing your insurance sales leads in the process.