How HTML And CSS Are Used In Web Design

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If the most complicated task that you have done on the web is to upload a picture on Facebook, it is very likely that you are unfamiliar with website development and design. Most websites are created from scratch from the layout, design and everything.

HTML is used so that headings can be added, paragraphs can be formatted, line breaks can be controlled, lists can be made, text can be emphasized, special characters can be created, images can be inserted, links can be created and many more. How the HTML elements in the website actually appear on the front-end of the web page is dictated by CSS.

To put it simply, HTML provides the raw tools necessary in structuring content on the website while CSS helps style content in a way that is intended for the user. CSS is responsible for all the slick colors, interesting fonts and beautiful background images.

When HTML was developed in 1990, it did not show any physical formatting information because its original intent was to define a document’s structural content like headers. When CSS was released in 1996, formatting was removed from HTML documents and was stored in separate CSS files. CSS provides the set of rules that can be assigned to different properties to HTML tags, whether specified to single, tags, multiple tags, an entire document or multiple documents.

Every browser has a style sheet that affects web pages regardless of whether the web designer applied a style. For example, if the browser’s default font style in Times New Roman 12 and the web designer did not apply any style sheet, the web page will be in Times New Roman 12.

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