How HTML And CSS Are Used In Web Design

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Most websites are designed with an adequate balance between artistry and creativity and technical coding. Since the early days of website design, HTML has been used by website designers for professional websites. HTML is the language that is used for editing and positioning text, images, frames, and other elements of a web page. The more complex the HTML used, the more that the website designer can do on the website.

CSS is a newer language that was created so that website designers will have more control and creativity over their designs. It is easier to use CSS in creating style sheets because when one edit is made on a page, all the pages that will be affected will automatically change. This saves the web designers the time and effort of making multiple edits on large and more detailed websites.

CSS is not taking the place of HTML because it is generally used to enhance the appearance of the website. HTML is still the best type of coding that can be used for the main structure of the website.

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