How A Website Communicates A Message Through Font And Colour

It is not surprising if people search for affordable dental solutions; after all they want to save in dental care costs. By browsing through different dental practice websites, people are allowed to compare prices, services and dentists. A final decision will be made after a person finds a dental practice that offers high quality dental care for a cost effective price.

What is the first thing that catches the eye of a viewer? There are web designers that create aesthetically beautiful art. They use CSS to adopt the presentation to different devices. However, the website often fails to communicate a message because all the efforts were invested in art.

There is nothing wrong at creating a beautiful website but it must be clear to gain a response from viewers. Web fonts will help define the hierarchy of content through size and colour. The bigger the font, the more attractive it will be. By using font sizes, viewers will be able to read information from the most essential to the least essential ones.

The most important information can be highlighted by using contrasting colours. Viewer’s attention can be directed to the headline by simply changing its colour. If you will look closely at Google’s website, you will notice that the headers are in underlined blue font which is bigger in size than the other fonts in the page.

The website name, copy and the time the page was created are of the same size but are differentiated through the use of colour. The website name is in green while copy is in black and time is in gray. The same differentiation can be applied to your web page.

It would be easy for viewers to determine navigation from main content to secondary content no matter where they are placed. Viewers will easily understand the message of content and how to navigate through it.

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