How To Design A Great Homepage

It is not uncommon these days for company and brands to have their own website. It should be compelling enough in order to reach users and increase sales. Designing a website for e-commerce websites is more challenging. Websites that are selling products can easily attract customers since they know what they are looking for. While website who are offering services such as drain cleaning can be a bit challenging since it has to prove something to customers to hire them – and the homepage is an important factor to convince them to avail their services.

The first thing users see when visiting a website is the homepage. The homepage will be the thin line between users staying on site and users leaving in favor of the competitors’ site.

The following list will be tips on how to make a great homepage to increase conversion.

Reach out to customers. A great way to reach out to users is to put a very powerful message in the homepage to let them know how you can serve them. In case of a storm drain cleaning business, it should contain the benefits they would get if they use your expertise compared to the competitor’s. The homepage should be able to tell the potential customers what you can do for them.

Be clear. A homepage should be the medium that could communicate everything to the customer including what the company is all about, the products and services it offers, and the benefits. The content should be designed simply for easy navigation. Images can help support the text but don’t use too much content on the homepage. It should be brief and concise with all the important points highlighted. Use white space and avoid too much clutter. Check out the website and see how white space is utilize to give an image of a clutter free homepage.

Put secondary messaging. After you have relayed the important message to the potential customers, follow it up with secondary messaging. Secondary messages are provided for clarification and emphasize the primary message. In a drain cleaning business, it should include steps on how they can contact the company if they want to ask something about a certain service or if they want a quote on certain services. The secondary message will depend on what services or products the company is offering.

Flash animation and images. A homepage is never complete without complementing it with images and flash animations to brighten up the page. These are visual mediums to show customers what your products or services are going to look like. Most users prefer to see something rather than just read about it. Utilize the flash animations and images in a way that could help you relay something and in doing so you’ll need fewer words.

Call to action. Potential customers will not turn into sales if you don’t give them the medium to contact you. A button or box where they can contact a representative is one way of doing it. Providing a contact number or an e-mail address is another way.

The audience. For a company or brand to be successful, it is crucial that you know your audience and their needs. Give them options so they feel everyone is being considered not just one type of audience. Some people are comfortable with talking on the phone while other may prefer e-mailing.

User friendly. When designing the homepage, you should consider the users who are going to use it. It should be easy to navigate and browse. For a storm drain cleaning business, the services should be easily seen and a dedicated page for each services is great for users to know more about it.