Content Blocking Extension From Google

Working 8 hours a day can be comfortable and convenient with office furniture in New Zealand that was designed specifically to enhance productivity. You can sit back and relax while browsing the web. However, do you know that a lot happens behind the scenes when you browse the internet? Do you know that a page has more than 30 external scripts?

In order to block undesirable content, a browser extension can be installed. However, Google has proposed changes to its web browser so that your future ability to install ad blockers can be limited. Google describes the overhaul of its browser application interface as a content blocking extension.

The browser that acts on behalf of the user communicates information about the person’s machine to remote servers so that an appropriate experience can be delivered through the process that is known as content negotiation. Once a site has been loaded, the page can instruct the browser to fetch or execute additional requests. For example publishers include a script that runs a tracker to collect identifying information that is uploads to an ad server.

Control of a dominant web browser provides a company with greater influence on the web. Last year, a built-in Chrome feature was introduced by Google to partially block intrusive ads like pop-ups and mandatory delays. Sites like Forbes and Touch Weekly pre-emptively updated their sites so that they can comply with Google’s Better Ads Standard and avoid getting blocked.

Google Chrome has introduced Safe Browsing as protection against nasty sites and JavaScript engine to run scripts fasters than previous browsers. Google’s tracking scripts appear on more than 50% of 10 million popular websites. Users prefer Chrome because it is fast and lightweight. Web developers take advantage of Chrome because of its performance in filling sites with scripts that would otherwise be unyielding.

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