How Tasks Are Performed By Client-Side Scripts And Server-Side Scripts

A group of Information Technology students were given the chance to interact with the guys at Perth Web Design. I was one of the students in the group and the successful interaction with the guys inspired me to write down this post. How does client-side scripting differ from server-side scripting? Scripts in the client-side environment … [Read more…]

How To Design A Great Homepage

It is not uncommon these days for company and brands to have their own website. It should be compelling enough in order to reach users and increase sales. Designing a website for e-commerce websites is more challenging. Websites that are selling products can easily attract customers since they know what they are looking for. While … [Read more…]

Web Scripts And Tools Used In Creating Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design represents the simplest way to reach multiple users across different platforms while ensuring a seamless user experience. Through responsive web design a site is created that will react to a user’s screen whether it is a giant desktop monitor or the 4.5 inches screen of an Android phone. However, the creation of … [Read more…]

Web Design – A Representation Of A Business

Packaging is used in a wide range of industries from food and beverages, healthcare products, cosmetics and other consumer goods; however, the growth of the packaging industry is also dependent on the growth of ecommerce. The coming holidays present a perfect opportunity for packaging businesses particularly in developed countries like the United States that accounts … [Read more…]