Canadian Government Working On Soft Enforcement Of New ELD Mandate

The Canadian government is planning a soft rollout of their new electronic logging device (ELD) mandate by mid-2021. The mandate will start out with soft enforcement, starting June, focusing on education and awareness for trucks and truck companies like Titan Transline, as reported by Transport Canada. This means that the new rules won’t immediately come … [Read more…]

The Logistics And Trucking Industry To Rebuild From The Crisis

Almost all industries have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and that includes the shipping, trucking, and logistics industries. Before the pandemic, there was a smooth flow of goods and materials across borders. Logistics and trucking companies like Titan Transline were booming. Now the industry is wondering what lies ahead after the coronavirus pandemic. It is too … [Read more…]

4 Benefits Of Temperature Controlled Titan Transline Trucking

Perishable goods, fruits, vegetables, meat products, and medicines are just some of the goods that require temperature controlled trucking from companies, such as Titan Transline. You can surely opt to take the standard forwarding service but the benefits of getting a refrigerated truck of reefer for your cargo exceeds more in benefits. Here are some … [Read more…]