Boosting A Business Through Illustrations

Businesses will always have competition regardless of whatever industry they belong to. In order to standout in the marketplace, a business needs effective marketing that covers every communication that the business has with the target audience as well as customers. Visual marketing is an important strategy particularly if it tells a story that people will … [Read more…]

Leveraging Reviews On Your Marketing And Sales Efforts

Reviews are very important to potential buyers because they hear directly from someone who has actually experienced the product or service that they are planning to buy. In addition, reviews have identifiers and filters for location, company size etc. to help buyers find feedback that is specific to their location. Companies can use reviews as … [Read more…]

How Reviews Turn An Undecided Visitor To A Loyal Customer

According to surveys, people trust reviews in the same way they trust personal recommendations from family and friends. Consumers like to read reviews because they want to know the experiences of others to make them confident with their purchase decision. Reviews can be used as social proof that can create compelling experiences. How to use … [Read more…]

The Benefits Of Digital Ads

Digital marketing is pretty much now the norm for businesses. Not surprising given how much time people spend online. For those looking to understand why it works, here are a few reasons. Targeting Digital ads aren’t like traditional ads, they’re not ‘spray-and-pray’. Basically, digital ads can be, and usually are, made with a specific audience … [Read more…]

Asking For Customer Reviews The Easy Way

Many consumers consider reviews as important information that helps them make a confident decision about a brand. Evidence suggests that customer feedback improves conversions by 270%; a proof that businesses must not ignore. However, the problem of most companies is how to encourage their customers to leave a feedback. The best and simplest way to … [Read more…]

How To Promote A Business Through Video Ads

One of the most popular marketing strategies that digital marketers use nowadays is video advertising. According to marketing experts, video advertising is expected to dominate the next decade which suggests that now is the perfect time to learn more about the strategy and how it could improve the reach and overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns. … [Read more…]

The Importance Of Listening To Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are just a few clicks away from consumers. There are websites that are dedicated to customer reviews and online platforms where customers can easily leave their feedback about their experience with a brand. Reviews are so important that even digital marketing agencies use them as an advertising tool. Consumers place the same trust … [Read more…]

How HTML And CSS Are Used In Web Design

After reading a King Kong agency review, it is very likely that your curiosity has triggered a search for the digital agency’s website. The company website is the best source of information about the digital agency and the services it offers. Most websites are designed with an adequate balance between artistry and creativity and technical coding. … [Read more…]

How Media Queries Are Used In Responsive Web Design

Have you ever wondered whether you can read king kong agency reviews online through your smartphone? Yes, indeed because responsive web design has made this possible. Many websites nowadays are optimized for mobile to deliver a solid user experience. The use of a flexible layout concept alone is not enough in creating a responsive web design. There … [Read more…]