Canadian Government Working On Soft Enforcement Of New ELD Mandate

The Canadian government is planning a soft rollout of their new electronic logging device (ELD) mandate by mid-2021. The mandate will start out with soft enforcement, starting June, focusing on education and awareness for trucks and truck companies like Titan Transline, as reported by Transport Canada.

This means that the new rules won’t immediately come with penalties, drivers, and fleets that don’t comply with the new mandate, it’s still a looming deadline. The new mandate is similar to the one that the US implemented, which means that ELDs are newly required for any truckers operating in Canada.

Fleets that handle cross-border trucking have ELDs as part of the US’s legal requirements, but the differences in requirements between the US and Canada mean that US-approved ELDs might not work for Canada, as the Canadian government will handle certification, in contrast to the US, where manufacturers can self-certify.

Canada’s ELD mandate will take effect on June 12, 2021, but no ELD has been certified as of mid-March. Still, the government is moving forward with its timeline.

Canada’s Minister of Transportation, Omar Alghabra, stated that they’re committing to the timeline they’ve set for improving road safety in the country, while, at the same time, acknowledging the impact the coronavirus pandemic had on the commercial vehicle industry. That’s why, they stated, that they’re working with the provinces and territories as well as the industry in order to ensure the proper implementation of what they call a ‘progressive enforcement period’ aimed at ensuring the industry has time to comply with the mandate.

Telematic company Geotab’s VP of Commercial Vehicle Solutions, Scott Sutarik, states that it’s important for fleets to know where their provider is in the certification process, and figure out if their devices will be eligible for both the US and Canada.

Geotab noted that the differences in mandates mean that not all US ELD providers will get themselves certified in Canada, but there are similarities in the requirements for both countries which will ease things along, like GPS tracking, on-screen displays, and the like.

Transportation technology provider Trimble, which has experience handling the ELD mandate in the US, issued the following recommendations:

  • Ensure personnel training, for drivers and back-office personnel, on the components of the platform
  • Update company policy to ensure that they line up with the legal requirements of the ELD mandates, including things like off-duty use of trucks, as well as how to handle driver records
  • Understand how enforcement works, including things like pass/fail criteria for inspections and the like