Boost Your SEO Through Simple Web Design Tricks  

A website is an indispensable tool for the hospitality industry because most travellers nowadays prefer to go online and search for a Bangkok hotel near Embassy before booking for accommodations. However, when a visitor browses the internet, he has more than average expectations from a website. The first thing that a visitor will see is web design, which must provide valuable information on what the hotel offers.

Web design tricks that can enhance SEO

The layout of web design can generate a first impression for a first time visitor and showcase the image of the company. However, the beauty of web design should not only be in the exterior; the CSS coding on the website will be the main factor that will affect judgment. Most websites that are considered “well designed” usually have minimal CSS code in order to speed up the website and download time. Fast speed almost always increases website performance and improves SEO.

Most web designers use JavaScript to create interactive web effects that can gain the attention of visitors. However, too many JavaScript files may result into a heavy website. It is important to reduce any unnecessary JavaScript files on the website. Since interactive effects are usually requested by a client, it is important to check the JavaScript web effects on all devices and browsers to ensure that they are working properly.

Almost everyone today uses a mobile phone. Smart phones have become technologically advanced so that they function in the same way as desktops and laptops. In order not to miss the opportunities presented by mobile searches, make sure that the website is upgraded to a mobile friendly design.

Since mobile phones have smaller screens, text and font used on the website must be larger so that content can be read easily. A viewport meta tag is suggested on the header of every PHP/HTML page so that the desktop-designed layout will be displayed.

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