Best Tools And Applications For Blogging

Blogging is all fun and excitement in the beginning but it can be very tiring if the author doesn’t have the necessary tools to make it easier and fun along the way. If one wants to blog in a more efficient manner, there are lots of tools available online. To make everyone’s blogging experience better, here are some of the best tools and applications that can be accessed online.

Focus Booster Application

An active blogger have a lot of blogging that needs to be done, Focus Booster will help enhance his focus and help him do all the things that need to be done. It has a very simple yet elegant design.


Diigo is a multifunctional tool that can assist the blogger in his knowledge management. It helps him create a better workflow for higher productivity. Diigo is very easy to use yet a very powerful tool.

Omm Writer

Omm Writer is like a virtual private room. There are often times a lot of distractions around when writing that it just feels better to close the door and write alone. Omm Writer gives the blogger access to this kind of writing environment, wherever it is that he is.


Often times, when browsing through various social media accounts or even just online in the internet, a person will find himself liking a certain article or a video but has no time to view it all. Pocket is the perfect application for that. Save anything using pocket and access it on a later time.

Ever Note

Bloggers tend to work on multiple devices, it is ideal to use Ever Note to sync everything and access it in any gadget. It can also be used for taking down notes, saving webpages, capturing inspirations then sharing all those things to co-workers. Ever Note will help a blogger in every details, regardless of how big or small.

Hoot Suite

This is perfect for someone who is working with a team. Hoot Suite will help the leader track all his social media accounts as well as all the conversations he had with his teammates. It can even assist in measuring campaign results.

Google Calendar

Google is offering a time-management application called Google Calendar. It was launched last April 12, 2006. Access to this application, for free, is limited to those who have a Google account. Don’t have a Google account? Make one for free.