Basic Tips To Help You Simplify Your Site’s Web Design

Simplicity rules web design in terms of customer attraction and functionality. If you are planning to build a website, the design must always suit the purpose you have for this site. What will the site revolve around? Is it for selling your products or a simple site about a certain TV show? Whatever it is, you must always consider the focus of the website and the people viewing it. Simplicity is always recommended when building sites because people can easily navigate through it. You can easily deliver your message or purpose to the viewers.

If you want to have a simple web design for your website, then do the following:

1. Feature only what’s necessary to your central focus.

Once you have determined the focus of your website, then you should only put the essential elements that are needed in the website. For example, you plan to build a site revolving around the Real Housewives of Orange County, which is a TV show, then you should put only what’s necessary to the show in your site. For sites revolving around TV shows, you should integrate the site with news about the TV show, the latest gist, some trivia, airing schedule and you can even put up an online shop with merchandise related to the show. It is important to put only the important elements because the site will lose track of its focus and viewers will be confused if you feature other elements that are related to another theme or focus.

2. Clean out unnecessary elements.

This is similar to the above stated tip but is primarily concerned with reconstruction of a website. Filter out your website with decorative elements that don’t really have a use on the site and only provides extra weight. Cleaning out unimportant or unrelated parts will remove all the clutter in your website and will give the viewers a good user experience.

3. Minimize page amount.

A site that has too many pages can be frustrating to the viewers. Learn how to combine elements and features and place them in a single page, that way you can reduce the amount of pages in your website. This is also to the tips above because if you remove unnecessary elements, the pages would also be reduced.

4. Place interesting and important content on the home page.

The home page is likely the most important page for viewers because that is the page where they stay the longest so be sure to place very interesting and striking facts and content on your homepage.

Simplicity is beauty, they say, but in web design, simplicity is functionality and usability. Many websites are integrating simplicity in their website focusing on the purpose of the website especially when it revolves around TV shows like the Real Housewives of Orange County or other shows like the Walking Dead, it could feature a lot of different elements to a website.