Avoiding The Most Common Mistakes In Web Design

It is important for new businesses to have long term Brand Development Perth to make it easily identifiable. Brand development is considered as more of an art because it is intangible and directly connected to the needs and emotions of consumers and the competitive environment. Sometimes, the brand has to make a promise so that consumers will start to notice its existence.

However, before a business can generate brand awareness, it is important to have a website designed using basic HTML and CSS. One of the most common mistakes in web design is the use of background and banner images that do not scale well. It is common for web designers to use lifestyle images using the promoted product or service in the landing page. When CSS is used in the banner images, the image will occupy the full space of the banner without stretching or distorting the image.

When using lifestyle images, one of the typical problems is using people’s faces near the edges of the banner. When the website is accessed from the smaller screen of a mobile phone or tablet, the head is often partially or completely cut off. It is important to use images that will not be aesthetically damaged when viewed on a different platform.

Another common mistake in website design is information overload. Usually, the business wants to provide consumers with as much information as possible that they try to pack the landing page with content. In order to enhance user experience, be generous with the use of white background that will draw attention to content.

When there is too much information on the landing page, the tendency of the user is to skim through it to find what is most relevant. A better option is to lay out content in bite-size chunks in white space for easy readability and understanding.

Although web design has a strong impact on potential customers, it is important for the web designer to have a grasp of brand development Perth to differ the techniques from what the competitors use. Web design must also consider SEO for when search engines crawl all over the website to provide users with the information they search.