Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Watermarks

Do you ever wonder how photographers are able to put a sign into their work of art? For painters, it is just a matter of putting their signature in the painting – it can either be their initials or pseudonyms. This is the finishing touch to all paintings to signify who created it. In the case of photographers, they don’t have any means to put a signage to their images except with the use of a watermark.

Years before the digital age started, print stamps are utilized by publications and many organizations. These are stamped on the back of the images to let the readers know where the images came from. There are those that make use of embossing seals that is easily seen by a raised mark left on the actual print.

Another version of watermark utilized by commercial photographers is by printing a copy with the word “Proof” on it. The photo can still be viewed easily but it is not desirable to be framed or given to someone. These are only samples provided from which the client has to choose before the photographer sends out the final prints.

Watermarks are basically any text, logo or image that is superimposed over a photograph as a mark of the one who created it. These are originally used in papermaking.

With the introduction of digital photography, it is possible for anyone to easily use someone else’s photographs posted on websites and other methods. All they have to do is right click on the image, save to their computer or use it as their wallpaper. There are even instances where beginner photographers utilize the image of others in order to sell themselves to clients. A watermark on photographs is the best way to avoid this from happening.

Watermark is also the best method to be used for marketing. If the image is shared all over the web, interested clients will be able to easily locate the maker. This is the same with illustrated map where all the images posted on the website contain a watermark. For other artists, the watermark is simply used to symbolize their work of art.