3 Advantages Of HCG Weight Loss In Drop Form

There are different types of HCG weight loss supplements in the market today. You can find hormone slimming product that is administered through injection and there are also those in tablet form. However, the most popular among HCG supplements are drops form. Because it is popular, you can easily find suppliers in the market. Another popular form is the injectable type. To know which of the two is more suited for you, read on the advantages and the disadvantages of the two. To help you decide which of the two forms is more suitable for you, take a look at these ideas.


Injectable HCG requires you to go to a clinic as it should be administered by a medical practitioner or a nurse. You also need to present a prescription when buying HCG for injection.  Because HC injectable needs to be administered by a medical practitioner, you would have to drive to the clinic just to obtain your HCG weight loss supplement. This means spending on fuel and allocating time for the process. The good thing about HCG drops is that you can have it wherever and whenever you need to take the drops. You also have the option to increase or reduce your dosage when you need to.

Dieting without the pain

Taking HCG drops is easy and convenient. You just have to place the recommended amount of HCG drops under your tongue then hold it for 60 seconds. Swallow the remaining liquid in your mouth and that’s it. HCG drops are free from the unsettling sight of needles and blood, more so from pricks. Taking HCG drops allows you achieve your ideal weight without discomfort. Another important point to note is that HCG slimming supplement, regardless of form, is not recommended for those with hormonal issues especially among pregnant and lactating mothers.

Highly affordable

HCG drops is known to be easy on the pocket compared to other HCG weight loss products. You can even safe money if you look for free delivery deals from suppliers and if you purchase in bulk.